Slow roasted pork with Zeke's Coffee Rub! Fall apart deliciousness.

Easy and Delicious Slow Roasted Pork

Nov 02, 2023John Tarallo

This is a SUPER EASY recipe for tender, juicy, and fall-apart pork! We make this in the oven where you can set it and forget it. A whole pork butt will give you dinner for days depending on the size!

We work A LOT at the salt-shop, usually getting home late after making cool salts or vending in the Strip....this dish is our go-to, especially when we get into the busy season where we need something quick after a long day!


One whole pork butt (shoulder) sizes can vary.

*We used an 8lb pork shoulder.

*You can buy bone-in or boneless. While bone-in has more flavor for this recipe we use boneless.

ZEKE'S Coffee Rub

Olive Oil


1. Cube pork shoulder into 2-3inch pieces. This is our preference, you can leave whole if you prefer:)

2. Rub olive oil on pork and coat GENEROUSLY with ZEKE'S Coffee Rub. It's best to marinate overnight but an hour minimum will suffice.

3. Preheat oven to 275F.

4. Add marinated pork to a greased baking dish. Sometimes we add a little bit of liquid; water, broth, beer, or orange juice to the bottom of the pan. 

5. Cover tightly and roast for at least 4 hours.

6. At the 4 hour mark remove the foil and check to see if the pork is fork tender. If it is you are ready to eat! If not put it back in the oven and check back in an hour, every hour, until super tender.

6. Serve with a side of Peruvian Salt Crusted Baked Potato or make tacos/pulled pork sandwiches/just eat straight up because it is THAT delicious!!!


*You can play around with our different salts & blends! Use Peruvian Inca Blend for Latin American Style, Black & Gold Blend® for classic BBQ, or a smoked salt for superb flavor.

*Once cooked the pork will last up to 5 days in the fridge. We like to portion it out and freeze for when we work late and want something quick to heat up!

*We prefer to cube the pork since we like to make carnitas but you can leave it whole and shred. Don't forget, when you're cooking, there are no rules except to use the BEST salts & blends:)

Slow Roasted Pork whole with ZEKE'S Coffee Rub





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