Avocado Toast-easier than you think!

Avocado Toast-easier than you think!

May 04, 2023John Tarallo

We hear a lot about avocado toast, but the reality is, for such a simple dish a lot of folks are quite intimidated by it! DO NOT FEAR....it is super easy to make, plus you can feel a little bougee while doing it! 

For this recipe we use our famous Bagel-on-Grant Seasoning; our version of the everything bagel blend. We know, we know, you've had bagel seasoning before but in all honesty, once you've tried ours, there is no going back to meh-store-bought brands. The reason for this is...well a few reasons; we use our Pink Himalayan Salt as a base for that crunchy yet not too salty bite, roasted garlic & toasted onion for the HUGE burst of flavor, blue poppy seeds and THREE TYPES of sesame, all hand-mixed in small batches to perfection and to maintain freshness. Try it out, but we warned you, it can be addicting:)

Also, avocado is a fantastic blank slate to play around with different salts. We sometimes use a smoked salt or even a gorgeous import like Cyprus Flake Salt, the sky is the limit!


Cyprus Flake Salt on Avocado Toast
Cyprus Flake Salt on Avocado Toast


Now let's get our bougee avocado toast swaggg on!





Bagel on Grant Seasoning

Chili Oil (optional but totally worth it)


1. Put slices of bread in a toaster, toast.

2. While bread is toasting cut open avocado (watch your hands) and slice horizontally every half inch.

3. Scoop out avocado with a spoon and put sliced avocado on toast. Top with Bagel on Grant Seasoning and Chili Oil, or use one of your favorite salts!

4. Serve, enjoy, and think about how awesome and tasty it is!

Remember, when cooking the rules are fast and loose! You can omit or add just about anything you like. Our recipes are simply guides, add your own touch and flavors that YOU prefer...just be sure to use the best salts & blends:) 

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