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Steel City Salt Company is a small family business that officially launched in 2014, bringing on a new era of flavor and cooking to Pittsburgh and the surrounding regions. It started with avid cook, pizzaiolo, and spice guru, John Tarallo who wanted to change the way people thought about not only food but salt too! Cooking great food with quality ingredients is the first step to a healthier body and a better world.

With his interest in cooking and unusual ingredients, John set out to find the most unique salts from around the world. From flaky to fine, moist to dry, he only chooses the best-of-the-best from each region. Another aspect of the company where Steel City Salt truly shines is the small batch blends, infusions, and fresh ground spices. We offer a wide variety of smoked salts, spicy salts, truffle saturated, malt vinegar infused, and many other salt-based blends while also working with whole & fresh ground spices, sugars, and so much more! As a family business, we learned early on that the key is quality and exceptional customer service. All of our blends, packaging, and orders are all hand-filled in order to maintain freshness, integrity, and quality. When you do what you love, anything is possible, so we are always experimenting and coming up with new flavors and in keeping with exceptional service!

With exponential growth over the last few years, along with the opening of our new HQ and Storefront in Millvale, we are always creating and expanding our selection, proudly offering our salts, blends, spices, & sugars directly to you. You can also find our products in hundreds of retailers, makers, collaborators, and restaurants nationwide!

Let us know what we can do for you, and always remember to use salt!

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Salty party favors that everyone loves!

Info & Pricing

Thank you for thinking of us for your favors!

We offer all of our Pinch Jar sizes and small packets of salts, sugars, spices, & blends as favors! We even do blends like Black & Gold that normally do not come in the Pinch Jar size.

Our only products we cannot do in the small jar size are the Steeltown Garlic & Herb, Unsalted Shallot & Chive, Tellicherry Peppercorns, and coarse Pink Himalayan Salt as these need to be in a grinder.

For favors we can add custom labels with names, date, slogan, logo, etc. no problem! We also offer small salt packets that can have a custom label as well.

For Pricing:

-Pinch Jars with custom labels are $6 (except for truffle, fleur de sel, & sal de gusano as these ones cost slightly more). You can mix-and-match the different salts/blends for a variety!

-Salt Sample packet with custom label is $2

-Any size jar without custom labels will have bulk pricing discount of 15%off (48 jar minimum)

-These prices do not include shipping (if any)


Please fill out the form below and we can get started! Let us know what customization you would like and flavors you would be interested in. Alsp approx how many favors needed and date of wedding/event,

Drop us a line for some cool favors!

Info needed for favors:

Please let us know approx. how many favors are needed, date of event, and whether favors will need to be shipped or picked up at our Millvale HQ.

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