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The UnSalted Shallot & Chive Seasoning (Salt Free)

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We are so happy to finally introduce our newest and FIRST-EVER Salt-Free blend!!!


The most requested blend over the years has been to do a salt-free mix, and after playing around with so many different batches, ingredients, and combinations we've nailed it with this one! Made with super fresh & premium spices like shallots, roasted garlic, & chives, you can use this blend on virtually everything!


If you're a saltaholic like us, feel free to use one of our awesome salts in combination with this blend; we LOVE to use the Bali Pyramid Salt, Fleur de Sel, Peruvian Pink Salt, Alderwood Smoked Salt, and Habanero Salt (for an extra kick) along with this fantastic blend!


The grinder bottle is adjustable, pull up for coarse and press down for fine!


Uses: We LOVE this blend on any type of potato (fries, baked, roasted, mashed, sauteed), fish (salmon and whitefish work really well), pasta, eggs & omelettes, roasted/grilled veggies (asparagus is our FAVE), salads, soups....really when we say to use on everything we mean it!


Hand-mixed from: Shallot, Roasted Garlic, Chive, Onion, Parsley, White Peppercorns, Spices


Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Leigh N.
My secret weapon!

This is the seasoning I didn't know my spice cabinet was missing. It adds tons of flavor without additional sodium or fat. It is a great replacement when you don't have garlic or onions. So versatile! Makes a great gift, too!

Cathy Straight
The UnSalted Shallot & Chive Seasoning (Salt Free)?

Very good seasoning that blends with veggies, eggs, meat. I will purchase again!

Terry Baker
Siracha Salt

Siracha salt is a main staple in our house. On eggs, avocado, fries. Insanely good.

Beth Martin

The UnSalted Shallot & Chive Seasoning (Salt Free)

Ralph E.

This is one of the best spices I have ever had! Excellent!!!!!