• Peruvian Pink Salt



    Peruvian Pink Salt  is a beautiful hand-harvested salt that comes from Spring Water high up in the Maras region of the Andes mountain range! The brine spring water flows from deep within the mountain into small family owned salt ponds, thousands of them, on the cliff-sides which are then sun-dried producing the beautiful and crunchy salt. Milder than regular sea salt, this Spring Salt has a coarse but uneven texture that is perfect for finishing and a mellow taste that will enhance every meal! This salt has been harvested the same way since pre-Incan times!


    Uses: Perfect for seasoning fish, potatoes, veggies, desserts, and meats. Use it as a finishing salt to really enhance the flavor and texture of whatever you're cooking! Atop sweets an desserts it a must, we also made some of the best steak in our lives with just this salt and Tellicherry Peppercorns!