• Malt Vinegar Salt


    Don't get soggy, try out our signature Malt Vinegar Salt! Handcrafted from pure Malt Vinegar and Pacific Sea Salt, this mix will definitely turn on your fish & chips! With unparalleled flavor, this sweet-tart-salty one-of-a-kind blend will be an awesome addition to anyones pantry. Due to the nature and long process of making this Salt, we can only do a limited batch each week so stock up!

    Use on: Any type of potatoes; fries, chips, roasted potato cubes, & hash browns. Also great on salads, fish, chicken, in marinades and dressings!


    Ingedients: Malt Vinegar (from barley), Pacific Sea Salt, Maltodextrin

    Contains: Gluten (from barley) and sulfites