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Kiss of Death Spicy Gift Box!

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Heat lovers, we gotcha covered with the Kiss of Death Spicy Gift Box! All of our fabulous spicy salts & blends in one box, take the flavor and heat to the next level! Included in this box:

Creole Blackening Blend: Inspired by our travels in the South, this is the best blend for blackening chicken, fish, and veggies! With lots of flavor and heat, you will fall in love the depth of flavor in this blend.

Use with caution though, it can be very addicting! T

o blacken: mix with melted butter & coat your favorite chicken, fish, or veggie and sear on very high heat...the flavor crust that forms will be outrageously tasty!

Habanero Sea Salt: This fantastic spicy salt is made with crunchy Pacific Sea Salt and roasted Habanero Chili Peppers for a middle of the road heat level!

The flavor of the Habanero really comes through with a robust fruitiness that works really well on just about anything you put it on.

Our favorites for the Habanero Salt are shrimp, tacos, dressings, and grilled meats!

Habanero Sugar: Sweet and spicy combine for this fiery sugar that you won't be able to put's that good!

We LOVE this spicy sugar on mojitos, margaritas, in iced tea, or you can make a spicy simple syrup with it.

Also try on wings or in meat marinades, anything on high heat the sugar will caramelize leaving behind extra flavor and spicy goodness!

Ghost Pepper Salt: One of our HOTTEST Salts, this one if definitely for the heat lover! Roasted Bhut Jolokia Peppers (Ghost Peppers) are in the top three of the hottest peppers in the world:)

The flavor of the pepper really comes through with this salt with a LOT of heat on the back end, you can use this one as an every day salt for all of your favorite meals!

Sriracha Salt: Tangy-sweet with a touch of heat, this is the mildest of our spicy salts! You can use this Sriracha Salt on the table to sprinkle on literally's the salt blend that got us started:)

We LOVE to use the Sriracha Salt on eggs, cocktails, popcorn, fries, pizza, chicken, stir-fry, salads, wings....really the sky is the limit!

Customer Reviews

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Joy S.
I bought this as a

I bought this as a gift for my brother, who said "you know I love this stuff!"

Spicy all over!!!!

Awesome spicy variety for salt, sweet and seasoning! I love all of them :)

Marla S.
Love, Love my lamp!! It’s

Love, Love my lamp!!
It’s so beautiful!
I bought one for my daughter, and she loves it also.
Thank you!

Katy W.
Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

I bought mine a month or 2 ago while visiting the Strip district. Love it! Equally beautiful to the one my parents have from Amelia island, and definitely less expensive.