Kala Namak Indian Salt


Deep within the Himalayan salt range lies a huge vein of sulfur which gives this amazing salt the taste of hard-boiled eggs. Kala Namak literally translates to 'Black Salt' and when harvested, the salt is jet black and baked in traditional methods, then pulvurized giving it its purplish hue. A staple in Pakistani, Indian, and Nepal, this salt is used as a condiment but also works really well in Chaats, Daal, Curries, ontop of fruits, but it's main use here in the West is in Vegan & Vegetarian cooking due to its eggy flavor!

Try it on watermelon, strawberries, in lentil curry, for stir-fry, and anything you want that eggflavor without the egg!

Ingredients: Salt with trace amounts of sulfur