Grillers Gift Set


Grillers' Choice Gift Set! The perfect gift for the grill lover!!! Our four best selling grilling salts all in one. Includes info cards and red tissue paper.

Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt: Our smoothest smoked sea salt! Fine Pacific Sea Salt is cold smoked over real Cherrywood giving this an authentic smoky taste that has lots of flavor without the bite! Use on all your favorite grilling meats and veggies or as an all purpose smoked sea salt! Also great as a cocktail rimmer and as rub base for steak, ribs & chicken!!!
Red Hawaiian Sea Salt: Hand-harvested sea salt is combined with Volcanic clay giving this ancient and artisanal delight a beautiful deep-red color due to its high iron content. Use on meat marinades because the high iron will break down muscle fiber. This salt works especially well on tougher cuts of meat that you will be cooking for a long time such as brisket, shoulder, and roasts. Also, try it out on the classic Hawaiian dishes such as Kahlua Pork and Poke! 
Ghost Pepper Sea Salt: Hand harvested sea salt combined with the famous roasted Ghost (bhut jolokia) chile peppers make this salt flavorful and spicy! Because the peppers are cooked down, the true flavor of the pepper comes through with heat building up in the back of the palate. Try this spicy salt on your favorites such as grilled shrimp, chicken, steak, eggs, salsa, roasted veggies, steak, cocktails, you name it!!!
Espresso Sea Salt: This one-of-a-kind salt is made small batch with brewed Espresso as well as the ground up beans. The flavor profile is citrusy-salty-nutty-and delicious. Why in the Grillers' set you may ask?......This salt makes the best coffee rub for steak and pork! Rub evenly on your favorite cuts of red meat and grill or broil to perfection. You can also play around by mixing it with the Cherrywood for a smokey-coffee rub or with the Ghost Pepper...the sky is the limit! Have some good chocolates or desserts...Espresso Salt is a great chocolate/sweet topper as well!