Steel City Salt Company

Fleur de Sel


Fleur de Sel is our highest grade salt and is prized by chefs around the world!

Hand-harvested from the Guérande region of France, this salt is so gorgeous the translation literally means 'Flower of Salt'.

The method of harvesting is what makes this salt so unique...cold seawater is channeled into centuries-old salt ponds, allowed to evaporate, at which time the light delicate salt 'blooms' on top of the pond and is harvested by hand-scraping the salt off using wooden rakes.

The heavier moist salt stays at the bottom (becoming grey salt) and the light airy salt that rises is the Fleur de Sel, recognized as one of the finest in the world!

Our Fleur de Sel is light, delicate, and perfect as a finishing salt!

Try it on-top of your favorite meals, desserts, and sweets.

Ingredients: Sea Salt

Product of France