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Butcher Cut Black Pepper


Extra coarse Butcher Cut Black Pepper is ground from super premium Tellicherry Peppercorns making this THE CHOICE for butchers, grillers, novice cooks, and on every meat application!

Coarse and crunchy with bold flavor, this black pepper is 8 mesh so it is small enough that it does not need to be ground but large enough for excellent texture. A little bit goes a long way since we grind this pepper in super small batches!


Uses on any type of meat or seafood, incorporate into rubs and marinades! Also great on top of breads, salads, and sprinkled on roasted veggies!


Ingredients: Black Pepper

Product of India

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tom H.
Big Flavor

I love the flavor of pepper, especially on a grilled steak. This pepper stays on the meat and gives it that big flavor that sometimes is missed with ground. Add the Alderwood Smoked salt and it’s complete!

Pamela T.
The best pepper

Tastiest pepper ever!

Ken B.
Great item for gifts or personal use.

It's a gift that I have yet to give. But I'm going to assume it's great as I believe the product you sell is excellent as is your customer service.

Innis O.
Interesting salt

Very interesting salt. Trying to find ways to use it. I did have trouble getting it to stick to the glass rim for a margarita.

Tom C.
The worm has turned

This is an interesting salt, with a very unexpected taste. It has a very full flavor, but I have not yet made up my mind as to how highly to rank it. I need to do some more cooking with it. But it is certainly something to try!