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Bali Pyramid Salt


Bali Pyramid Salt is a super gorgeous grey finishing salt! On the beautiful island of Bali, small almost microscopic salt flakes are harvested young from tropical salt beds by hand, making a very small but crunchy shaped salt with an incredible flavor!

Considered a grey salt, the moisture and mineral content is very high which is nice because it will not melt when put on hot foods, maintaining it's stunning texture and flavor! Very similar to Celtic Salt.

Use this salt at the table to finish your favorite dishes, or when baking cookies, sprinkle on top right before they are ready to come out of the oven....YUM!!!

Not to be confused with the large pyramid/flake salt from Cyprus, the Balinese Salt is great for finishing any type of food! This salt is NOT a large flake but more of a small grey finishing salt! 

We love to use this beautiful salt on top of seafood...especially shrimp, snapper, and tilapia. Also yummy on homemade potato chips, salads, soups, roasted veggies, popcorn, cocktails, and steak!


Ingredients: Sea Salt Product of Bali, Indonesia

Customer Reviews

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Brian B.
Great flavor, lots of heat

This sugar ended up being hotter than I expected even with it being habenero sugar (but that works for me), and the flavor is great. Only added it to sautéed peppers/onions and a wing sauce glaze so far, but I’ll be trying it on plenty more things. Would definitely recommend playing around with this

Holy smokes

Thanks for including this to try with my last order!
Just made kettle corn with it and it came out incredible, recipe below if anyone wants to try it:
2.5 tbs vegetable oil
1/4 cup white popcorn kernels
1/4 tsp table salt
2 tbs habanero sugar

I use a whirley pop popcorn pan to keep the kernels moving continuously to prevent burning personally. If you don't have one of these, shake the pot frequently to keep the sugar from burning.

Add oil and kernels to pot at medium heat. Once first kernel pops, add the sugar and salt. Turn heat up to medium-high, and stir/shake kernels frequently until done popping (2s or so between pops). Immediately remove from heat and dump on baking tray to cool (to prevent popcorn from clumping). Enjoy


Received this as a sample with an order my husband placed for some salts. Not one for spicy, but let me tell you, add this to the top of whip cream on of a specialty drink and you will be hooked!! I’ll be adding this to my next order. Thank you Steel City Salt!

best salt ever

I love the bali pyramid salt. It will also make a great gift for others. Thank you