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Black Truffle Sea Salt


OMG our Truffle Salt is AMAZING!!!

Definitely a household favorite, our all-natural Black Truffle Sea Salt combines the distinct and impeccable taste of Italian black truffles with hand-harvested Sea Salt to create an uncommonly super delicious flavor!

A creative cooks dream, our Black Truffle Sea Salt is used with the highest grade black truffles and adds a hint of earthy, mushroomy flavor to every dish. This is such an awesome salt, we always carry one with us when we eat out...the best to sprinkle on French fries:) A little goes a very long way, so don't be shy!


Great on french fries, popcorn, mac & cheese, any style potato, salads, fish, vegetables, and pasta as well as finishing.


Ingredients: Sea salt, Italian Black truffle


Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Karen Miranda
Love this salt!

I can’t explain the flavor, but when I make anything with this salt people want to know what my “secret ingredient” is!!

Victor W.

All of the products we ordered were very good. We need the truffle salt for a recipe. It works perfect.

Chris Jensen
Truffle salt

Salt had great truffle flavor!

Bridget Michina
Black Truffle Sea Salt

Great flavor on popcorn!

Linda Clark
Superior product with incredible shipping/packing order preparation,

In all of the orders I had shipped this holiday season, these were by far the best packaged items. Everything was individually wrapped and taped to ensure the safety of each container. Even the packing receipt had a personalized, hand written note included. The actual salt has an awesome flavor. I am a life long fan. Thank you!!