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Vietnamese Cinnamon


Known as the BEST Cinnamon in the world, Vietnamese Cinnamon comes from the bark of the cassia tree and boasts some of the naturally highest cinnamon oil content on the planet!

Because of its strength, use a bit less of this cinnamon as you're used to so as not to overpower your dish. We grind this in house to maintain freshness so a little goes a very long way!

Use this for all of your baking needs, on toast, cinnamon rolls, atop cookies, ice cream, in chili, coffee, or mix a bit in your favorite BBQ rub for a unique meat rub...the possibilities are endless!

But be warned, once you try out our Vietnamese Cinnamon, you won't go back to regular:)

Product of Vietman

*As with all herbs & freshly ground spices, keep out of sunlight and heat, natural color may change or fade.