Steel City Salt Company

Cumin Seed Ground


Cumin is a very distinct spice that is used in Latin, Indian, and Southwestern dishes. Ground in small batches, our Cumin Seed is SUPER pungent, a little goes a very long way!

We use this fantastic cumin in a lot of our rubs and blends, including our famous Peruvian Inca Blend, in fact if you follow us on Facebook, you'll find all of the Peruvian dishes we make, the key ingredient being Cumin!

Used also in curries and as the pronounced ingredient in Garam Masala, we know you'll fall in love with our freshly ground cumin!

Uses: In your favorite Latin American dishes; Adobo, pollo a la brasa, rice, beans, tacos, any type of meat, fish, or veggie, in guacamole!

Also great in Indian Garam Masala, curries, and on homemade bread. Make a great pot of chili with our Cumin and Peruvian Inca Blend!

Ingredients: Cround Cumin Seeds

Product of India

*As with all herbs & freshly ground spices, keep out of sunlight and heat, natural color may change or fade.