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Dill Pickle Salt


Dill fans rejoice!!!

Our Dill Pickle Salt is here and it is AWESOME and totally addicting!

Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt is hand mixed with dill, garlic, onion, and spices making this a tangy-dilly salt blend that so incredibly versatile and tasty you may just want to eat it straight out of the jar!

Mix 1TB Dill Pickle Salt with 1cup sour cream or yogurt for a fantastic chip/veggie dip!

Use on: Salmon, French fries, shrimp, popcorn, eggs, any type of veggie, corn on the cob, burgers, as a Bloody Mary rimmer...we have yet to find something this doesn't work well on!

Ingredients: Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, Dill, Garlic, Onion, Citric Acid, Spices

Customer Reviews

Based on 165 reviews
Nancy Bruner

I bought this as a gift for my son! He LOVES this salt and uses it frequently. He was delighted to get it for his birthday!


This product is fantastic! This is now my third or fourth refill of it! Every shipment I get has an awesome free sample of one of their newer blends or products AND a handwritten note thanking me for my order! 15/10 recommend this company for all your salt and seasoning needs!!!

Marilyn Skowron

This is such a great salt. In fact, if I sprinkle sliced zucchini or cucumbers with it, I don’t even miss potato chips.

Sarah Nelson
Great for popcorn!

Amazing on popcorn! I always make sure I have some on hand. I'd like to try the veggie dip recipe on the label next. I've been buying these for two years and the shipping is always fast & in perfect condition.

Jayce Corlett
No complaints

Very great salt for topping and rubs. Really great on a chicken wing.