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Our Steeltown Garlic & Herb grinder blend is a MUST-HAVE for every kitchen!!! Since its debut, this tasty blend has remained our #1 seller, rightfully so because it is addicting and you can put this on literally EVERYTHING!

Perfectly handcrafted from Pink Himalayan Salt, garlic, herbs, pepper, onion, and spices, this blend is sure to add great flavor to whatever it is you're won't be disappointed;)

Try it on; Pasta, chicken, as a steak marinade, in olive oil (for bread dipping:), sauteed veggies, morning eggs, on top of salads, mixed with vinegar & oil for a DIY dressing... you name it!

This amazing blend comes in a 3.2oz bottle equipped with our Adjustable & Refillable Grinder. Just pop the top cap off, pull up for coarse and press down for fine. If your grinder ever breaks or dulls, you can order another HERE!

 Hand-mixed from Pink Himalayan Salt, Garlic, Tellicherry peppercorns, Onion, Thyme, Chili Powder, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, Red pepper flakes, and Spices.

Customer Reviews

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Steel City Salt has the best quality products.
The enriched flavors are just the right seasoning to perk up any dish!
The Garlic and Herb grinder is great on beef, chicken add it to make your own Italian vinegrette with some vinegar, olive oil and fresh lemon.

Deborah Young
Garlic & Herb

One of our favorites. We use on almost every thing.

Kate Anthony

Steeltown Garlic & Herb

Ellis Mack

Steeltown Garlic & Herb

Rob Harper

Steeltown Garlic & Herb