Steel City Salt Company

Pink Himalayan Salt


Pure Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is one of the finest gourmet food grade salts you can buy.

With 84 trace minerals, our Himalayan Pink Salt was mined from ancient salt beds that have remained untouched by pollution and impurities since the crystals first formed more than 200 million years ago.

Himalayan Pink Salt is used by spas, health professionals and culinary experts around the world. Our Pink Himalayan salt is "Gourmet Food Grade" and the very highest quality Himalayan salt available.

This beautiful salt comes in varying hues, ranging from translucent white to pink to clear red, due to its high mineral and iron content. Add color and excellence to any meal with or Pink Himalayan Salt. Great to use on roasts, fish, rubs, and vegetables or dissolve it into soup, pasta water, or sauce for a pure, unique flavor.

Our Pink Himalayan Salt comes in two varieties.. Small grain & Coarse Grain

*Grinder bottle is Adjustable and refillable; Pull up for Coarse, press down for Fine! If your grinder cap ever breaks or dulls no worries, you can order a replacement HERE!

Ingredients: Pure Pink Himalayan Salt

Product of Pakistan