Steel City Salt Company

Maple Jalapeno Blend


This amazing blend combines local maple sugar from our friends at Paul Family Farms along with hand-harvested sea salt, and small batch roasted jalapeños.

With the smooth sweetness up-front, then salty, then fruity/spicy from the jalapeños, you can use this blend on just about everything...or just eat it right out of the jar;)

For meats and grilled/seared veggies, the Maple will caramelize leaving you with crispy deliciousness and lots of flavor!

Try it on: Roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower, eggs, avocado, as a rub for chicken, steaks, & porkchops. Also, we love this on cornbread, cookies, chocolates, cocktails, tacos......the sky is the limit on this one!

Ingredients: Local maple sugar by Paul Family Farms, Hand-Harvested Sea Salt, Roasted Japapeños. Made in the USA