Steel City Salt Company

love, Pittsburgh Everything Salt!


We are proud to introduce our official flavor of Pittsburgh!!!

This tasty Everything Salt was made in collaboration with our good friends at love, Pittsburgh Shop here in Pittsburgh and like the name is super tasty on EVERYTHING!

Using gorgeous semi-flakey Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt as a base along with freshly ground spices including toasted onion, California garlic, bell peppers, mustard, and many other herbs & spices, this hand-mixed blend is full of tasty goodness with lots of depth that will turn on your food and have your taste buds happy:)

Be sure to grab a bottle and a taste of Pittsburgh! Also, definitely check out love, Pittsburgh Shop, they are true champions of local and support so many cool small businesses and artisans in Pittsburgh!!!


Uses: Fries, popcorn, roasted/sauteed/grilled veggies, steak, eggs (any way), salads, guacamole (YUM), chicken, pierogies, as a fish & shrimp marinade, in a DIY chip-dip, try it on EVERYTHING!!!


Ingredients: Sicilian Sea Salt, Garlic, Paprika, Toasted Onion, Bell Pepper (red & green), Black Pepper, Mustard, Cane Sugar, Celery Seed, Spices.