Steel City Sampler Gift Set


The perfect sampler is here for you to try a little bit of everything!!! With four Imported Salts and four Infusions, info cards, and red tissue paper, this is a great gift set for those that LOVE flavor!

Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt: Our first-ever and best selling smoked sea salt! Crunchy Pacific Sea Salt is smoked for 48 hours over real Northwest Alder giving a bold yet smooth smokiness that works well in just about every dish! 

Uses: Salmon, steak, chicken, peanut butter cookies, roasted veggies, and sweet potato 

Ingredients: Naturally smoked sea salt

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt: This beautiful jet-black sat is considered a delicacy in Hawaii and has been used for centuries in ceremonies and cooking! When the sea salt is harvested, activated charcoal is added giving this salt a beautiful color and texture. You can use this salt as a finishing salt and for all-purpose cooking, works especially well is you are watching your sodium intake because you can see how much of this salt you are using due to its stunning color!

Uses: All-purpose cooking, also great as a cocktail rimmer, on avocado, sweets, desserts, chicken, and in marinades.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, activated charcoal

Cyprus Flake Salt: Our most beautiful Sea Salt, these large salt flakes are hand harvested on the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean using centuries-old methods! With a stunning and delicate texture, there is no other salt in the world that compares in texture & taste to this salt!

Uses: As a finishing salt, especially on top of cookies, brownies, ice cream, chocolates, any sweets & desserts! Great also on roasted veggies, steak, pasta...anything you want to add a beautiful pop of salt to!

Ingredients: Sea Salt

Espresso Sea Salt: This one-of-a-kind salt is made in small batches using crunchy Pacific Sea Salt and both brewed Espresso along with the ground up beans! The flavor profile is citrusy-salty-nutty-and delicious which makes it work really well on your favorite grilled meats and also is renowned by pastry chefs and chocolatiers for use in baked goods, sweets, and desserts!

Uses: Roasted veggies (especially with balsamic), on grilled meats, atop your favorite sweets and desserts; chocolates, fudge, brownies, cookies, ice cream, cakes, and pies.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Espresso (brewed and ground beans)

Habanero Sea Salt: Definitely the heat lovers salt! Hand-harvested sea salt is mixed with roasted Habanero chili peppers making this an incredibly flavorful and fiery salt! Because of the roasting process, the flavor of the Habanero is very prominent with the heat building on the back of the palate. Great for use as a table salt on anything you wanted to add EXTRA heat to!

Uses: In meat rubs, on eggs, avocado, salsa, guacamole, tacos, shrimp, fajitas...anything you want to add heat to!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Roasted Habanero Chili Pepper

Peruvian Pink Salt: This is our FAVORITE imported salt! Hand-harvested in family owned terraced ponds from brine-spring water 10,000 feet above sea level in the Andes mountains outside of Cusco, Peru, this salt boasts an amazing crunchy texture with mild salinity. The slopes where this salt is harvested has been used since pre-Incan times and currently each salt pond goes back generations of individual family ownership!

Uses: Great as a finishing and all purpose salt especially on steak! The crunchiness works well on pretzels, breads, pasta, ice cream, brownies, chicken, and fish! 

Ingredients: Spring water Salt

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: It doesn't get more classic than our famous Pink Himalayan Sea Salt! Hand-harvested in the Himalayan mountain range from salt deposits created by an ancient ocean, this is one of the most mineral rich salts in the world! Mild and flavorful, this salt is used as an all-purpose everyday salt replacing your regular table salt. Very pure and mild, no kitchen should be without this staple!

Uses: General and all purpose cooking, finishing, baking, on salads, and in marinades.

Ingredients: Sea Salt

Sriracha Salt: Our first ever flavored salt, this is the one that got us started! Small salt flakes are blended with the tangy-sweet-spicy sriracha sauce, making this an awesome all-purpose salt that you'll end up putting on EVERYTHING! My wife keeps this in her purse for when we go out to eat...jazz up every meal:)

Uses: Eggs, avocado, cocktails (margarita rimmer especially), pizza, pasta, popcorn, name it!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sriracha Sauce